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College Athletes (These athletes have all participated in athletics at the Division I, II, III or NAIA level)


Brandon Alcala (Central Methodist University0 EHS

Jerry Aldrich (San Francisco State) EHS

Al Baitinger (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Brandon Beal (Cal State Dominguez Hills) EHS

Marion Biggs (St. Mary's College of CA) AHS

Morris Bonadona (Louisiana State University) AHS

Cameron Braband (University of Redlands) STJ

Zack Braband (University of Redlands) STJ

Carson Bridges (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps) STJ

Jason Cavalli (Texas State University-San Marcos) STJ

Tyler Cobb (San Francisco State) AHS

Patrick Collins-Bride (Ave Maria University) EHS

Mark Connolly (UC Davis) STJ

Brandon Cooper (Missouri Valley College) AHS

Wayne Copple (Sonoma State University) AHS

Andy Craig (UC Davis) AHS

Jeff Croft (Cal State East Bay) AHS

Joe DeFranco (UC San Diego) AHS

Harold Dexter (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Brian Edwards (Upper Iowa University) AHS

Shawn Edwards (Sonoma State University) EHS

David Elzig (Cal State East Bay) AHS

Dexter English (Sonoma State University) EHS - Drafted Cleveland Indians 2005

Clif Farina (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Mike Freccero (UC Davis) STJ

Dave Freitas (Northwestern Oklahoma State University) AHS

Jon French (University of San Francisco) STJ - Drafted Montreal Expos 1987, Chicago White Sox 1989

Scott Rapposelli (University of San Francisco) EHSTony Frey (UC Davis) AHS

Ed Fuentes (University of San Francisco) AHS

Michael Gerson (Dana College) STJ

Dorian Glover (Cal State East Bay) EHS

Dan Graff (St. Mary's College of CA) STJ

Trevor Greenly (San Francisco State) AHS

Devin Grigg (Cal State East Bay) AHS - Drafted Minnesota Twins 2010

Marc Hansen (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Jerry Hearne (Sonoma State University) EHS

Hudson Hennigh (Pomona Pitzer) STJ

Hunter Hennigh (Pomona Pitzer) STJ

Sam Hopkins (University of Washington) AHS

Mike Jaramillo (San Francisco State) EHS

Shawn Jenkins (Louisiana State University, San Francisco State University) STJ - Drafted New York Yankees 1986

Brian Johnson (Oklahoma Panhandle State University) AHS

Curtis Johnson (Cal-Berkeley) STJ - Drafted Detroit Tigers 2000

Kevin Johnson (Cal-Berkeley) STJ - Drafted Arizona Diamondbacks 1996

George Kanto (University of San Francisco) EHS

Kevin Kearney (Cal-Berkeley) AHS - Drafted Montreal Expos 1974, Signed Free Agent Oakland A's 1977

George Kinard (University of San Francisco) EHS

Zack Kondo (Waldorf College) EHS

Doug Ladd (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Christian Leung (UC San Diego) EHS

Daniel Limbrick (Cal State Northridge) EHS

Nick Loy (Patten University) EHS

Jeff Lyles (Cal-Berkeley) STJ

M.J. Mariani (University of Oklahoma, University of Nevada-Las Vegas) AHS

Rick McNamara (UC Santa Barbara) AHS

Matt McPeak (San Jose State) STJ

Cody Nelson (St. Mary's College of CA) AHS - Drafted Anaheim Angels 2003

Gary Nelson (UC Santa Barbara) AHS

Gene Nissen (Stanford University) AHS

Kiyo Nogami (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Connor Patterson (Menlo College) AHS

Matt Perata (University of San Francisco) EHS

Scott Rapposelli (University of San Francisco) EHS

Bob Rebuschatis (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

John Repetto (UC Davis) STJ

Jeff Rosa (UC Davis) AHS

Remo Sabatini (San Diego State University) AHS 

Anthony Sanchez (UC San Diego) EHS

Mike Senter (Oklahoma Panhandle State University) EHS

Rich Sherratt (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Daniel Skinner (Academy of Art) EHS

Jeff Soskin (University of Hawaii) AHS

Leland Stanford Scott (Stanford University) AHS

Noel Strane (San Diego State University) EHS

Terrence Taylor (University of Arizona) EHS -Drafted Boston Red Sox 2001

Jordan Thomas (Academy of Art) EHS

Will Thomas (Fresno State University) EHS

Larry Wayne (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Ron Wayne (Cal-Berkeley) EHS - Drafted New York Yankees & Detroit Tigers 1968

Bryan Woo (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) - AHS

Trent Yee (Brown University) AHS

Men's Basketball

David Ahern (University of San Francisco) STJ

Mel Arnerich (University of San Diego) AHS

Dick Babcock (St. Mary's College of CA) AHS

Dino Belluomini (University of Nevada-Reno) EHS

Stan Boyer (University of Wyoming) AHS - Drafted Golden State Warriors 1975, 7th Round

Louis Bremond (UC Irvine) STJ

Donovan Brewer (Dominican College) STJ

Billy Caver (Humboldt State University) EHS

Ed Corell (University of Washington) EHS

Dave Dupart (UC Santa Cruz) STJ

Adrian Ealy (University of Central Missouri) STJ 

Joe Frenchwood (San Jose State University) AHS

Rashawn Fulcher (Metro State College) STJ

Tavvy Gatlin (Langston University) STJ

Ken Gilliland (Fresno Pacific University) STJ

Jim Giron (University of San Francisco) STJ

Gemeny Givens (St. Mary's University) STJ

Vernon Hall (Eastern Washington) AHS

John Hamilton (Lyndon State College) EHS

Bruce Harkness (College of the Pacific) AHS

Allen Hester (Ohio University) STJ

Jon Holder (Cal State East Bay) AHS

Murphy Holmes (UC Santa Cruz) STJ

Mike Hutslar (University of Miami) STJ

Lorenzo Hutton (UC Santa Cruz) STJ

Stu Inman (San Jose State University) AHS - Drafted Chicago Stags 1950, 6th Round

Rene Jacques (Sacramento State) STJ

Sonny James (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Malik Jasper (Langston University) STJ

Milt Kane (University of Utah) AHS - Drafted New York Knicks 1958, 8th Round

Brendan Keane (Northern Colorado) STJ

Gordon Kirby (University of San Francisco) STJ

Ron Labetich (San Jose State University) AHS

Jerry Lankford (San Francisco State) STJ

Dave Lillevand (University of San Francisco) STJ

Pete Lillevand (Santa Clara University) STJ

Dan Lufkin (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Peter Mastora (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Jon Mercado (UC Santa Cruz) STJ

Nate Murase (Sacramento State) STJ

Charlie Perkins (Cal-Berkeley) EHS

LaCoby Phillips (Santa Clara University) STJ

Brandon Quick (Dominican College) STJ

Cameron Quick (Cal State Stanislaus) STJ

Paul Rolleri (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Ted Romanoff (Oregon State University) AHS

Tom Ruebel (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Ricky Sanchez (Fresno Pacific University) STJ

Joel Siapno (Holy Names University) STJ

Russ Slater (UC Davis) AHS

Jim Sugrue (Oregon State University) AHS

Bill Thompson (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Bob Wuesthoff (San Jose State University) AHS

Temidayo Yussuf (Long Beach State) STJ

Marvin Vitatoe (University of Hawaii, UCLA) STJ

Ari Warmerdam (UC Davis) STJ

George West (Eastern Oregon University) AHS

Jacari Whitfield (Cal State Eastbay) STJ

Bill Wirt (College of the Pacific) AHS

Bob Wuesthoff (San Jose State University) AHS

Benno Zecic (Cal State Stanislaus) AHS

Women's Basketball

Faatimah A (Texas A&M International University) EHS

Michaelia Baskerville (Dominican University) AHS

Marie Bertholdt (Santa Clara University) AHS

Alison Bremner (Cal State Stanislaus) AHS

Kayleigh Calandri (UC Santa Cruz) AHS

Nicole Catania (Notre Dame de Namur) AHS

Khyra Conerly (Northern Arizona University) AHS

Raeshel Contreras (University of South Dakota) EHS

Robyn Crispi (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Dafina Dailey (San Jose State University, Cal State San Bernardino) AHS

Chiarra Duncan-Perry (Hawaii Pacific University) AHS

Sue Erickson (University of Hawaii) EHS

Christine Fairless (University of Wyoming) AHS

Geena Greene (Cal State Los Angeles) AHS

Desiree Harris (University of Colorado) STJ

Nicole Hornage (Cal State East Bay, Armstrong Atlantic State University) EHS

Raquel Hyche (Pacific Union College) AHS

Kelsey Kline (Pepperdine University, Fresno State University) AHS

Carmen Lockhart (Kennesaw State University) STJ

Sam Maritzen (Humboldt State University) STJ

DJ Martel (Humboldt State University) EHS

Olivia Mayorga-Overtone (Pacific University Oregon) STJ

Jazzy McDaniel (Oregon Institute of Technology) AHS

Janae Miller (University of Rhode Island) AHS

Cecilia Nguyen (San Francisco State, Hawaii Pacific University) AHS

Vielka Oristil (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Vycelka Oristil (Cal State Hayward, San Diego State University) EHS

Mary Paquette (Holy Names College) AHS

Janis Peterson (Concordia University Irvine, University of North Texas) EHS

Christina Perricone (UC Davis) AHS

Joy Ridout (Cal State Northridge) AHS

Jessica Robison (Southern Utah University) AHS

Teri Rolleri (St. Mary's College of CA) AHS

Shay Rollins (University of San Francisco) EHS

Amy Thieme (Cal State San Bernardino) AHS

Andrea Thieme (Cal State Fullerton) AHS

Leilani Tirona (Cal State San Bernardino) AHS

Stacey Williams (New Mexico State University) AHS

Kari Wong (Lewis University) AHS


Mike Amos (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) AHS

Bobby Arnold (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Justin Arrington (San Jose State Univeristy) AHS

Niko Aumua (New Mexico Highlands University) AHS

Rich Baker (Humboldt State University) AHS

Paul Berlin (Northern Arizona University) AHS

Quentin Bernhard (Cornell University) EHS

Dick Bertero (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Bobby Blackmon (San Jose State University) EHS

Jonathan Brown (Boise State University) EHS

John "Bud" Buestad (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Jim Burress (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Chuck Butler (Stanford University) AHS

George Calandri (University of San Diego) AHS

Edgar Castaneda (Sacramento State) AHS

Joe Chambers (University of San Francisco) AHS

Marc Cheatham (Southern Illinois) EHS

Dick Childs (Stanford University) AHS

Greg Cockayne (University of Texas El Paso) AHS

Jim Coleman (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Ron Collins (University of Nevada-Reno) AHS

Eric Cross (Stanford University) AHS

Richard Cross (University of New Mexico) AHS

Rick Dobbins (University of Idaho, Utah State University) AHS

Dan Dozier (Linfield College) EHS

Tyrone Duckett (Sacramento State, Washington State University) EHS

John Duncan (St. Mary's College of CA) AHS

Bill Elzig (San Francisco State) AHS

Andy Falls (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Gary Fascilla (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) AHS

Mike Floyd (San Jose State University) AHS

Steve Floyd (Chico State University) AHS

Akil Francisco (University of Hawaii) EHS

George Glass (San Jose State University) EHS

Henry Guidice (Cal-Berkeley) EHS

Steve Hammitt (Long Beach State) AHS

Sulaiman Hameed (Washington State University) AHS

Allan Happe (Stanford University) AHS

Safi Hasseeb (Ursinus College) AHS

Homer Helmstein (Santa Clara University) AHS

Alex Jackson (Linfield College) EHS

Mike Jaramillo (San Francisco State) EHS

Ryan Jensen (UC Santa Barbara) AHS

Don Johnson (San Francisco State) EHS

Robbie Kahuanui (Brigham Young University) AHS

Mike Kern (Weber State University) AHS

Charles Kiser (University of Oregon) AHS

Herman Knupper (San Jose State University) AHS

David Kriwinski (Cal State Hayward) AHS

George Lagorio (St. Mary's College of CA) AHS

Sidney Lane (Utah State University) EHS

George Latham (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Michael Lee (Santa Clara University) EHS

Tommy Leong (University of the Pacific) AHS

Johnnie Levingston (University of Hawaii) EHS

Leonard Lindsey (New Mexico State University) AHS

Darius Long (Cal-Berkeley) EHS

Will Lotter (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Duane Louis (Santa Clara University) AHS

Rusty Malone (Utah State University, Michigan State University) AHS

Justin Marcelene (Saint Paul's College) AHS

Don Maroney (University of the Pacific) AHS

Joe Martin (St. Mary's College of CA) AHS

Levi Mason (San Francisco State) AHS

Marion Mayes (Humboldt State University) EHS

Mike McBee (Sonoma State University) EHS

Bill McCauley (St. Mary's College of CA) AHS

Wes McCoy (Santa Clara University) AHS

Kariem McFarlin (San Jose State University) EHS

Mike Meyer (San Francisco State University) AHS

Pete Michaletos (Utah State University) AHS

Xavier Milton (Florida Tech) EHS

Jesse Mims Jr. (San Francisco State, New Mexico State University) EHS

Chuck Morehouse (Stanford University) AHS

Mark Moser (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Ramsey Moyer (UC Davis) AHS

Wes Moyer (Yale University) AHS

Jeff Murphy (Middle Tennessee State) AHS

Frank Muzio (Puget Sound) AHS

Allen Napoleon (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

James Nelson (Washington State University) EHS

Derek Nereu (UC Santa Barbara) EHS

Doug Nereu (Linfield College) EHS

Dan Nguyen (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Menlo College) AHS

Irv Nikolai (Stanford University) AHS

Len Nikolai (Oregon State University) AHS

Blaik Nichols (Stanford University) EHS

Tyler Norton (Stanford University) AHS

Lou Nova (UC Davis) AHS

Jerry Ogden (UC Davis) AHS

Dick Osorio (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Kevin Parham (College of Idaho) EHS

Jeff Perri (Malone University) AHS

Mark Perri (Fresno State University) AHS

Adrian Perricon (University of Central Missouri) AHS

Dennis Peterson (Stanford University) AHS

Dave Pinckney (Brigham Young University) AHS

George Pinckney (Brigham Young University) AHS

Football Cont.

Robert Robinson (Chico State University) AHS

Dick Pinion (University of Nevada-Reno) EHS

Mike Prado (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

John Read (Stanford University) AHS

Curt Reed (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Larry Reis (Cal-Berkeley) EHS

Ed Rex (Santa Clara Univesity) EHS

Dan Reynolds (Humboldt State University) AHS

Mike Reynolds (Humboldt State University) AHS

David Rider (New Mexico State University) EHS

Kelly Robertson (Cal State Hayward, Long Beach State) EHS

Kenden Robinson Jr. (Cal-Berkeley, Northern Iowa) EHS

Robert Robinson (Chico State University) AHS

Dominique Sashington (Robert Morris, Ill.) EHS

Bill Schmitz (Idaho State University) AHS

Paul Schreiber (San Jose State University) STJ

Jordan Scott (Malone University) AHS

Jerome Shelton (Oregon State University) EHS

Gordon Smith (Linfield College) EHS

Kurt Speier (UC Santa Barbara) AHS

Bob Stanley (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Fred Stone (Humboldt State University) AHS

Paul Targhetta (Stanford University) AHS

Tony Taplin (Linfield College) EHS

Junior Tupuola (Washington State University) EHS

Arthur Tautalatasi (Portland State University) EHS

Jesse Tautalatasi (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Chris Ve'e (Northern State University) AHS

Jonathan Ve'e (Western Washington University) AHS

Tavis Ve'e (Northern State University) AHS

Mike Wasteney (University of Texas El Paso) EHS

Isaac Watts (University of Nevada-Las Vegas) EHS

Chuck Werk (San Francisco State) EHS

Antoine Young (Western New Mexico) EHS


Chris Ancheta (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Alf Burtleson (Stanford University) AHS

Patrick Byrne (Holy Names University) AHS

Emily Childs (Cal-Berkeley, University of Colorado) AHS

Mike Clar (UC Riverside) AHS

Sasha Cruz (Sonoma State University, Sacramento State University) AHS

Jack Cummings (San Jose State University) AHS

Alexandra Hauck (University of La Verne) STJ

Ki-Shiu Liao (Stanford University) AHS

Mike Maurice (San Jose State University) AHS

Jeong Min Park (UCLA) STJ

Samantha Moyal (Rutgers University) AHS

Ryan Muskar (University of San Francisco) AHS

Grace Na (Pepperdine University) AHS

Andy Paisal (San Jose State University) AHS

Jenny Park (UCLA) AHS

Gary Plato (San Jose State University) AHS

Richard Schact (Northwestern University) AHS

Elizabeth Scholtes (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) AHS

Eric Schroeder (University of Nevada-Las Vegas) AHS

Mika Takayama (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Dustin Wayne (Oregon State University) AHS

Todd Wilcox (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Blake Yu (UC San Diego) STJ


Amanda Brown (USC) AHS

Jack Caton (Cal-Berkeley) EHS

Katrina Darracq (UCLA) AHS

Kaitlin Doering (UCLA) AHS

Don Dutcher (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Kimble Helms (UC Davis) AHS

Sammy Houston (UC Davis) AHS

Rebekah Kharrazi (Harvard University) ACLC

Shira Kharrazi (University of Miami) ACLC

Heather Lynch (Santa Clara University) STJ

Tyler McHugh-Merrill (University of Miami) AHS

Erin Mullin (University of Wisconsin) STJ

Angela Nguyen (Humboldt State University) EHS

Tanya Ochoa (San Diego State University) AHS

Linnea Oddie (Willamette University) AHS

Sina Pourcyrous (UC San Diego) AHS

Mike Republicano (Santa Clara University) STJ

Roman Rezanowicz (Yale University) STJ


Gabrielle Assayag (Northwestern State University) AHS

Reyna Buzon (Cal State Stanislaus) AHS

Robert Cate (UC Riverside) STJ

Sara Jo Ciapponi (Fresno State) AHS

Kaitlyn Crooker (Fresno State University, Grand Canyon University) AHS

Evangel Davis (Mills College) STJ

Mirza Dedic (San Francisco State) AHS

Adriana Diaz (Sonoma State University) STJ

Alexandra Ferry (Whittier College) EHS

Ananda Gebreyesus (Belmont Abbey College) AHS

Danielle Green (UC Santa Cruz) AHS

Ahmad Hatifie (UC Davis) AHS

Hoshang Hatifie (UC Davis) AHS

Nissa Hatifie (UC Riverside) AHS

Suzanne Hinton (Portland State University) EHS

Kiri Jones (Aurora University) AHS

Melissa Ma (University of the Pacific) EHS

Natalie Mariani (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Kristine Nakada (Williams College) AHS

Ashley Omphroy (San Diego State University) AHS

Alanna Prichard (Embry-Riddle University) AHS

AJ Rana (Air Force Academy) AHS

Aneesh Rana (Loyola Marymount University) AHS

Alex Sifuentes (Sonoma State University) EHS

Cecilia Sifuentes (Sonoma State University) EHS

Justine Silvers (Cal State Northridge) AHS

Kristyna Smith (Princeton University) AHS

Alex Umeki (Aurora University) AHS

Sarah Walker (Yale University) AHS

Marta Westernoff (St. Mary's College of CA) AHS  


Patricia Adgar (UC Riverside) AHS

Carrie Arth (San Francisco State, Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Megan Averitt (Dartmouth) AHS

Claudia Cavanaugh (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Robyn Crispi (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Kelsey Canalin (Cal State East Bay) EHS

Keilani Finley (Quinnipiac University) EHS

Katherine Johnson (Wichita State) AHS

Stefanie Keenan (Ferris State University) AHS

Alexis Konstantino (San Francisco State) AHS

Maddy Lewis (UC San Diego) AHS

Tanya Ochoa (Cal State Eastbay) AHS

Lacey Parodi (Holy Names University) AHS

Sierra Pereira (University of Toledo) AHS

Laurel Pipkin (North Dakota State) AHS

Meghan Pipkin (Belmont University) AHS

Jessica Ravetti (Sacramento State) AHS

Ashley Sanchez (Oregon State University) AHS

Trini Sanchez-Blumkin (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Kayla Simonson (Holy Names University) EHS

Julie Stauder (UC Davis) AHS

Swimming/Water Polo/Diving

Holly Armijo (Sonoma State University) AHS

Kelly Arth (Biola University) AHS

John Benedick (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Tom Blankenburg (University of Oregon) AHS

Sara Bonino (Cal State Eastbay) EHS

Rosalee Brown (University of Toronto) AHS

Samantha Caetano (Rutgers University) AHS

Gordon Corson (University of Oregon) AHS

Bill Cundall (Stanford University) AHS

Charlie Daniels (Pepperdine University) EHS

Chris Daniel (UC Berkeley) AHS

Erin Earlywine (Long Beach State) AHS

Terry Flock (Arizona State University) AHS

Alejandro Flores (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) EHS

Bayani Flores (Cal-Berkeley) EHS

Gabriel Flores (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) EHS

Pat Foster (UC Davis) AHS

Janese Freestead (UC Davis) EHS

Laura Gallagher (UC Berkeley) EHS

Bill Gardner (UC Davis) AHS

Ralph Gilman (Ohio State University) AHS

Neal Hamilton (Brigham Young University) AHS

Randy Horton (North Carolina State) AHS

Shannon Howes (University of North Carolina) AHS

Ben Krause (Cal State Bakersfield) AHS

Larry Lozensky (Stanford University) AHS

Joan Mallory (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Bob McAuliffe (University of Oregon) AHS

Megan McGrath (Sonoma State University) AHS

Emily Medved (UC Davis) AHS

Guy Molina (Cal-Berkeley) EHS

Maltbie Napoleon (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Marlena Nip (Loyola Marymount) AHS

Anna Tai Owens (Mills College) AHS

Randy Perkins (U.S. Naval Academy) AHS

Jennifer Radecke (University of the Pacific) STJ

Sam Rados (UC Davis) AHS

Jeff Raimondi (Cal State Northridge)

Vernon Rue (UCLA) AHS

Francesca Santos (Cal State Monterey Bay) AHS

Margaret Stier (Cal-Berkeley) SJND

Ashley Tennell (University of the Pacific) AHS

Jimmy Triolo (Stanford University) AHS

Skip Voves (Cal State Hayward, University of Florida) AHS

Alan Weeden (Stanford University) AHS

Bill Weeden (Stanford University) AHS

Don Weeden (Stanford University) AHS

Frank Weeden (Stanford University) AHS

Jack Weeden (Stanford University) AHS

Greg West (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Pam Williams (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Briana Wing (UC Irvine) AHS

Casey Wonner (U.S. Merchant Marine Academy) EHS 


Chris Aria (UC Davis) STJ

Kevin Beal (Air Force) EHS

Bill Canning (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Conway Catton (University of San Francisco) AHS

Daniel Elefant (UC Davis) AHS

Matt Elefant (UC Berkeley) AHS

Megan Falcon (Louisiana State University) AHS

Tai Green (Xavier University of Louisiana) EHS

Lisa Kearney (Cal-Berkeley, UCLA) AHS

David Klembith (University of Arizona, Pepperdine University) AHS

Charlene Murphy (Brigham Young University) AHS

Matt Murphy (Brigham Young University) AHS

Chalice Norris (Cal State Bakersfield) AHS

Amy Petersen (Cal State Northridge) AHS

Norm Peterson (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Eric Ramos (Purdue University) AHS

Mark Scates (Baylor University) AHS

Brenda Slack (UC Santa Barbara) STJ

Thai Tu (USF, Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Tommy Tu (University of San Francisco) AHS

Caroline Yao (Cal-Berkeley) EHS

Blandon Yee (University of the Pacific) AHS

Track & Field/Cross Country 

Jordan Alford-Helems (Chico State University, Cal State Fullerton) EHS

Ron Arnerich (Cal State Hayward)

Kimberly Avalos (St. Mary's College of CA) STJ

Don Bell Jr. (Stanford University) AHS

Archie Bowles (Occidental College) EHS

Dick Brace (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Nathan Brassmassery (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) AHS

Daniel Choi (University of Mary Hardin-Baylor) AHS

Nicole Carroll (Fresno State University) AHS

Alex Colvin (Fort Lewis College) AHS

Trinity Davis (Humboldt State University) EHS

Adam Elaidy (UC Santa Cruz) AHS

Royce Ford (Long Beach State) EHS

Joe Griffin (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Kellie Grigg (UC Davis) AHS

Dave Haber (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Christine Healy (Fresno State) AHS

Paul Hill (UC Davis, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) EHS

Brittany Hodill (Santa Clara University) AHS

Lauren Hodill (Claremont McKenna) AHS

Jessica Holmes (University of Hawaii) AHS

Stu Inman (San Jose State University) AHS

Walt Jensen (USC) AHS

Keahu Kahuanui (Boston University) EHS

George Kido (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Daniel Lebe (UC Davis) AHS

Sherman Lee (San Francisco State) EHS

Hector Lopez-Garcia (San Jose State University) AHS

Donita Lyons (UC Santa Barbara) EHS

Alex Mason (Fresno State University) STJ

Ian Mason (Fresno State University) STJ

Jessica Mason (San Diego State University) AHS

Chris Markey (Chico State University) AHS

Tiffany Markey (Cornell University) AHS

Carl Monser (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Michelle Moses-Eisenstein (Bard College) AHS

Kevin Nious (Cal State Northridge) AHS

Vycelka Oristil (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Charlie Perkins (Air Force Academy) AHS

Zach Perkins (Air Force Academy) AHS

Alvin Pickettay (Cal State Hayward) EHS

Vanessa Ramirez-Jasso (Principia College) AHS

Ann Ratto (Northern Arizona University) AHS

Nick Ratto (UC Davis) STJ

Linda Read (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Barry Reed (Holy Cross) STJ

Sharita Reed (Sacramento State) EHS

Steve Reitz (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Corrine Roberts (Columbia University) AHS

Neal Rodrigues (St. Louis University) STJ

Arran Rogerson (UC Davis) AHS

Seneik Saavedra (University of Nebraska, San Diego State University) EHS

Art Schneider (Cal Tech) AHS

Leland Stanford Scott (Stanford University) AHS

Sarah Spencer (California Maritime Academy) AHS

Cela Taylor (Cal State Northridge) EHS

Cooper Teare (University of Oregon) STJ

Ichiro Teshima (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Jenn Thatcher-O'Reilly (UC Davis) EHS

Sydney Thatcher (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) EHS

Cameron Tu (Cal-Berkeley) AHS

Herb Turner (Fresno State University) AHS

Jessica Vaughan (UC Irvine) AHS

Marvin Vitatoe (University of Hawaii) STJ

Kathy Way (Cal State Hayward) AHS

Kristin Wheeler (University of Oregon) AHS


Phoebe Bautista (University of Arkansas) EHS

Debra Costello-Zabriskie (Pepperdine University) STJ

Phoebe Grunt (UC Santa Barbara) STJ

Nichole Lopez (Clark University) AHS

Jackie Randolph (Cal State East Bay, University of Nevada-Reno) EHS

Amecia Young (Alabama State University) EHS 


Sylvester Carver (Fresno State University) EHS

Mark Lasartemay (UC Davis)

Steve Markey (Cal State Bakersfield) AHS

Bob McLaughlin (Chico State University) AHS

Jose Nunez (San Francisco State) EHS 

Other Sports

Matt Adgar (Rugby, San Jose State University) AHS

Kenny Boothby (Rugby, California Maritime Academy) AHS

Greg Freeman (Rugby, Principia College) EHS

Yannie Horth (Fencing, Air Force Academy) AHS

Lyle Hunt (Judo, San Jose State University) AHS

Bobby Rather (Rugby, California Maritime Academy) AHS

Anna Shumaker (Gymnastics, UC Davis) AHS

Anthony Suzio (Rugby, St. Mary's College of CA) AHS

Ella Vandekamp (Lacrosse, Pacific Union College) AHS